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[120420] F.CUZ adds new members, announces consecutive releases during 3 months time.

F.CUZ have added 2 new members, Daegun and Raehyun, heading for new activities with more power than before. They’ve announced that they’ll be consecutively releasing CDs under April, May and June in Korea and Japan.

The album “For Century Ultimate Zest” that’ll be released in Korea on April 27th contains 6 brand new songs. It’ll be their first original album since “Gorgeous” that was released 1½ years ago, drawing attention from both their home country Korea as well as from Japan.

In Japan, the album “For Century Ultimate Zest” after having being released in Korea will be released also in Japan as a limited edition on May 23rd. The Japanese edition will not only contain the previously mentioned 6 songs but also new versions of F.CUZ’s old songs split onto the two versions “COLLECTOR’S EDITION” and “STANDARD EDITION”.

And on June 13th, it’s been decided F.CUZ will release their 3rd single “Drawing Heart” making it their 2nd original Japanese single. The song is produced by KEN (2 SOUL MUSIC Inc.) known for works such as AI’s “Story" and JAY’ DE’s "Saigo no Yasashisa" and a number of other R&B Ballads. The song will have a sweet melody and lyrics about a man’s sad feelings.

F.CUZ have also started a project with the social life service “ally~notes of my life~”. During the period from April 20th to the 30th of June F.CUZ will be having their own official account on the site. The 5 members of F.CUZ will be sharing information not available elsewhere on the site such as information about their activities, private pictures from recordings and tv shows.

- Part explaining about the website ally omitted-

source: BARKS
trans. cred; focuzed translations


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