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Translations of news, lyrics and anything related to F.CUZ. Currently looking for a Korean translator.
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140331 - 140406 F.CUZ’s blog entries

140331 - Raehyun “Good morning ^^”

Let’s work hard today as well♥

140331 - Kan “Fighting^^”

Starting this morning off with schedules!
Fighting today too, everyone♥

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140324 - 140330 F.CUZ’s blog entries

140324 - Kan “Finally”

Starting up activities for real!!!!!

140324 - Daegun “Good morning ^^”

On a sunny day like this, let’s start the morning with a light workout!!

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140327 - Kan “Revealed!!!!!!”

Finally ONE LOVE and it’s music video has been revealed!!!!!
Our lovely FOR Us please support and love us a lot♥

source: official daum cafe
trans. cred; focuzed translations

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140317 - 140323 F.CUZ’s blog entries

140317 - Yejun “Everyone~!!”

Everyone, it’s Yejun!!
We’re working really hard ^^
Since it’s our first single this year we’re really excited~~! Are you excited too~~??
Please just wait a little bit longer^^

140317 - Daegun “In between practice^^”


Since the weather was nice I went to the park with a friend during a break between practice^^

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140314 - Kan “Alive.”

Finally, the long awaited Korean comeback baboom!!
We’ve worked really hard at preparing for it so please look forward to it.
I want to have fun with For U while being on stage as soon as possible.
I miss you.

source: official daum cafe
trans. cred; focuzed translations

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140224 - 140302 F.CUZ’s blog entries

140224 - Yejun “Good morning~♥”

Good morning everyone! It’s Yejun ^^
Today I woke up really early.
The reason for that is because I’ve come to the hairdresser to change my hair, ah I’m tired ㅠㅠ
As expected, you can’t help but be a bit tired on Monday mornings ^o^
But I’ll work hard again starting today!
Everyone, do your best too! Make sure to eat♥
I’m always missing you♥

Later ^-^

140224 - Raehyun “Ice Tea ^^”

I’m drinking Ice Tea! ^^
It’s delicious!

Do you want to drink some with me?♥

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140210 - 140216 F.CUZ’s blog entries

140210 - Kan “My face…”

My face is ugly today so I decided to cover it….. hehehe ㅠㅠ

140210 - Yejun “It’s Yejun ♥”

Everyone!! It’s Yejun ^^
I’ve arrived safely in Korea!
It’s cold in Korea too! How was the concert last Saturday? Did you have fun?
What did you think of my solo D2D?
It was my first time performing it so I was really nervous!
I’ll do better next time!
Please support us for our comeback!♥

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140203 - 140209 F.CUZ’s blog entries

140203 - Kan “Let’s do our best ^^”

You’ll be able to overcome even tough times!
Let’s work hard!!!

140203 - Jinon “Puppy ^^”

Is this puppy famous in Japan?
It’s really cute!!♥♥♥♥♥

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140127 - 140202 F.CUZ’s blog entries

140127 - Yejun “Today… ^^”

Everyone!! It’s Yejun ^^
Today is the start of a new week, Monday!
It’s quite warm outside today! It feels good ^o^

Today is my mother’s birthday!
Everyone please celebrate her birthday with me!

Because (it’s her birthday) after practice ends I will cook for her!
I’ll do my best!

Thank you for always supporting us♥
I miss you all!

140127 - Kan “My…”

For my prayer to be heard…
please pray for me!!

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140120 - 140126 F.CUZ’s blog entries

140120 - Jinon “Driving on snowy days!!”

Today’s practice has ended!!
Fighting tomorrow too♥

It’s really snowing a lot!!

I’ll be careful when driving^^
Please be careful when driving on snowy roads everyone♥

140121 - Raehyun “♥Miss you♥”

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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131223 - 131229 F.CUZ’s blog entries

131223 - Jinon “Photo♥”

The photo from our dinner that I promised to put up!!♥
It was fun♥♥♥♥♥

It’s already Christmas tomorrow♥

Let’s party together^^

131224 - Jinon “Merry Christmas♥”

Have a merry christmas with your family and friends♥

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131126 - 131201 F.CUZ’s blog entries

131126 - Daegun “It’s Daegun”

Are you well?

Recently we’re practicing hard.
We’ll show you good performances so please wait for us^^

131126 - Jinon “Raehyun”

Raehyun is rich!!!!!!!!
I’m drinking this………….

(//∇//) kikikikikikihahahahahahaha

(T/N: Reference to Raehyun’s blog entry from 131123)

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131103 - 131115 F.CUZ’s blog entries

131103 - Kan “Question 2”


Who can this be?

131103 - Raehyun “Morioka~”


Morioka Castle is truly beautiful! Let’s come here together ♥

131103 - Jinon “No. 1”


We performed No.1 for the first time in a while, how was it??(//∇//)
Thank you all for coming to see us from far away!!!! (T_T)
I’ve just finished reading all the letters!! Thank you!!

Ah~!! I’m hungry((T_T)
How about you???? Please eat something!!!!
I love you!!

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131031 - 131102 F.CUZ’s blog entries

131031 - Jinon “Morioka”

I want to go to Okinawa again!!
Together with you!!
Is it still warm in Okinawa??♪♪
It’s reaaaaaaaally cold in Osaka (T_T)
But Morioka is even colder, right (T_T)
Please be careful when you go there!!
I can’t wait to see you!!!!
The picture is of me!!

131031 - Raehyun “♥HAPPY HALLOWEEN♥”

Let’s get fired up everyone! ♥

131031 - Daegun “^^”

For U, it’s Daegun!! Thank you for coming to all of the events
Please come to the rest of the events and the concert too^^

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[131012] Interview with the K.pop group F.CUZ

The modeldols F.CUZ are coming back with their 5th single “Change”. Koari Pick Up has met with F.CUZ whose music have went up another level. We’re looking forward to see how the future will turn out for F.CUZ who spreads an aura of hope around them during the interview.


Please introduce the member of F.CUZ who are called modeldols for their refined looks and average height of over 180cm.

Hello we are F.CUZ. We debuted in January 2010 and have released one single and 3 mini albums. The 5 members are Jinon, Daegun, Raehyun, Kan and Yejun.

Kan: Hello I’m F.CUZ’s visual Kan.
Jinon: I’m the charismatic Leader Jinon.
Daegun: I’m the main vocalist Daegun.
Raehyun: I’m F.CUZ’s smart guy Raehyun.
Yejun: I’m the chic youngest member Yejun.

You are already releasing your 5th single in Japan. What do the members think about “Change”?

Yejun: It’s a powerful and bright song that tells the story about our hopes and goals for the future.
Kan: It’s an amazing song written by Jin Nakamura who has also produced hit songs like Exile’s “Lovers Again”. Please anticipate it.
Jinon: It’s the first time I’ve challenged singing. Please look forward to that.
Daegun: It’s a song full of energy and hope. Please anticipate it.
Raehyun: It’s a song filled with hope. 

What do you want people listening to it to focus on?

Yejun: If you listen to it while imagining what performances we’ll show you and how we’ll continue to grow as a group the song will be even better I think.
Kan: Please listen to it while imagining us grow.
Jinon: It’s a song filled with the charms of all 5 of us. Please pay attention to my singing parts as I’m usually the rapper of the group.
Daegun: If you can hear how we have grown while listening to this song I’d be happy.
Raehyun: I want people to listen to it while thinking about the lyrics.

The song written by the same age members Yejun and Kan, who are also from the same school, is getting lots of attention from the fans. What kind of song is it?

Yejun: It’s a song portraying a man who is hurting after a breakup. It portrays his feeling in a dark and serious way. Please look forward to it.
Kan: It’s a song that will make you think of a musical with it’s orchestra sound.

The MV teaser you released previously was very mysterious and grandeur. Please tell us about how the filming of it went.

Yejun: There’s a lot of special CG in it. It was hard trying to act in an environment without all the special effects (laugh).
Kan: It was fun filming at Aokigahara near Mt. Fuji. 
Jinon: I almost fell asleep filming the scene where I was laying down.
Daegun: My scenes required lots of special effects so it was hard to film them.
Raehyun: It was pretty scary being in the middle of a forest. So my acting came out a bit awkward.

F.CUZ’s members are currently living at a dorm in Osaka while promoting in Japan. What’s your life in Japan like?

Yejun: Right now we’re doing release events and other events but when we don’t have schedules we’re usually rehearsing for our concert.
Kan: We spend time doing what we like. Like riding bikes and exercising.
Jinon: Starting at Osaka Castle we ride our bikes to different places.
Daegun: Japan has a lot of interesting places so we go around sightseeing.
Raehyun: My hobby is skateboarding so I do that a lot. On days off I like reading and going to cafes. 

What hobbies do the young 20-25 year old members of F.CUZ have?

Yejun: I’ve recently started to take an interest in travelling so I spend time finding places I want to go if I get a holiday.
Kan: Since I started composing I’ve grown interested in lots of different kind of music. I also like drawing and photographing.
Jinon: I’m interested in DJ equipment so I go around to different stores to check out their products.
Daegun: I like travelling so I do that a lot.
Raehyun: I like skateboarding.

What plans do the group F.CUZ have for the future?

Yejun: We want to meet our fans while releasing albums with different sounds, gradually we want to stand on bigger and bigger stages.
Kan: I want to hold a concert where I can perform my own songs and solo stages.
Jinon: We’re planning various performances and an album with a new style. Please look forward to it.
Daegun: We want to meet everyone as even more matured than now.
Raehyun: We’ll work even harder to let our fans listen to even better music in the future so please anticipate that.

What kind of presence do you want to be in your fans’ lives in the future?

Yejun: I want us to be a group whose concerts and music our fans can enjoy.
Kan: I want us to be a group that remains in our fans’ minds and hearts.
Jinon: A group that’s remembered as one that shines the most bright when on stage.
Daegun: I want us to hold concerts that can warm our fans’ hearts.
Raehyun: I want us to be remembered as a group that’s always passionate.

source: Koari
trans. cred; focuzed translations
Take out with full credits.

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